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Black Cat Orchestra: Mysteries Explained

Black Cat Orchestra
Songs and music for film


  • Credits
  • Don Crevie — horn
  • Lori Goldston — cello, guitar
  • Scott Granlund — saxophones
  • Jessika Kenney — voice
  • Kyle Hanson — accordion, piano
  • Emily Marsh — drums
  • Russ Meltzer — guitar
  • Matthew Sperry — double bass
  • Jeff Teitelbaum — double bass
  • Joseph Zajonc — drums and percussion
  • Additional musicians
  • Angelina Baldoz — trumpet on el Gallinazo
  • Robert Jenkins — electric guitar on Chase
  • Jack (Yankl) Falk — vocal on Ikh Hob Dikh Tsufil Lib

Lori Goldston: Later, She Distorts, Folk Song, The Tie and Collar Song, Firehose, Uncoiling, The Jetty, I Love a Day Like This!
Kyle Hanson: El Gallinazo, Learn How to Cry, Chase, On the Ship, The Governor’s Walk
Joseph Zajonc: With Light at Window

Produced by Lori Goldston and Kyle Hanson.
Recorded at Jack Straw Productions as part of their Artist Support Program.
El Gallinazo, Learn How to Cry, Yuru Dilber, Ikh Hob Dikh Tsufil Lib, Radomirska Kaponica, and Sanfonando recorded by Scott Colburn at Gravelvoice Studio in Seattle.
Mixed by Scott Colburn. Mastering by Barry Corliss at Master Works.
CD artwork and design by Susan Robb.

Thanks to 33 Fainting Spells, Rich Jensen, Meral Altindal, Balkanarama, Mogollar, Scott Colburn, Anne Rosellini, Corey Winn, One Reel Film Festival, Angelina Baldoz, Johnny Otto, Daisy Zajonc, Erik Hanson, Stacey Levine and Erick Larsen.

  • el Gallinazo (K. Hanson)
  • Learn How to Cry (K. Hanson)
  • Yuru Dilber
  • Later, She Distorts (L. Goldston)
  • With Light at Window (J. Zajonc)
  • Chase (K. Hanson)
  • Folk Song(L. Goldston)
  • On the Ship, Part I (K. Hanson)
  • On the Ship, Part II (K. Hanson)
  • Ikh Hob Dikh Tsufil Lib with Yankl Falk
  • Gecti Dost Kervani
  • Denn Wie Man Sich Bettet
  • The Tie and Collar Song (L. Goldston)
  • Desde el Alma
  • Bucimis
  • Radomirska Kopanica
  • Fire Hose, Uncoiling (L. Goldston)
  • Introit
  • The Jetty (L. Goldston)
  • Sanfonando
  • The Governor’s Walk (K. Hanson)
  • I Love a Day Like This! (L. Goldston)